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Instrument Analytic

UV-Vis Spectrophotometer

It is the core of powerful UV-Visible systems for the diverse application and suitable for environmental, pharmaceutical, life science, agricultural, and clinical lab applications as well as photometric measurement, quantitative analyses, kinetics, spectrum scanning, and multiple components analysis etc. LabTech UV-Vis spectrophotometers have been widely used in filelds of below: Pharmaceutical analysis, Life science, Agriculture, Food Safety, Environmental Monitoring, Geology, Higher education and research, Inspection and Quarantine.

Liquid Chromatography

From teaching purposes to daily analytical work, LabTech HPLC LC600 System's robust features strike an excellent balance of simplicity, performance and reliability, making it the perfect instrument for any laboratory with a limited budget and critical application requirements. LabTech is dedicated to assuring the quality of results while helping users meet the regulatory compliance.

Sample Preparation System

MultiVap Concentrator

LabTech is keeping on contributing to providing sample preparation solutions to all laboratories. Now a new MultiVap Automatic Parallel Concentrator is released by LabTech to customers. The new concentrator, MultiVap, combines all advantages of the concentration products in the market, and it has high quality/price ratio and meet requirements of organic laboratories.

SepLine-S Auto SPE

Solid-Phase Extraction(SPE) is a common technology widely used for sample preparation nowadays. SPE are commonly used by manual operation, in order to reduce the use of solvent and improve the accuracy and repeatability of analysis results, more and more laboratories are requiring automatic SPE systems. LabTech, Inc. now introduces a new SepLine-S series automatic solid-phase extraction system which has high quality/price ratio and is suitable for various organic laboratories.

Sepaths Auto SPE

The innovative design of Sepaths makes it be a new specialist of automated SPE instruments. Sepaths is designed for both cartridge and disc application, and to treat samples with different volume. It can be applied to extract trace organic compounds from drinking water, surface water, ground water, food, beverage and other samples. Sepaths can automatically and simultaneously treat 1 to 12 same or different samples through the whole treatment process, including SPE condition, sample loading, rinsing, elution, and N2 purge. It is a closed but vented system.

Extrapid Manual SPE

SPE methods mainly include cartridge and disk types. Because of high fluid permeability and high adsorption ability, disk SPE is especially suitable for the separation and enrichment of trace compounds in a large volume of samples. The traditional cartridge SPE is more suitable for small volume sample of food, pharmaceutical, life sciences. The Labtech manual SPE instrument, Extrapid, applies cartridge & disk types in the same unit for the treatment of both large volume and small volume samples, so it has more application benefits.

PrepLite Automatic Sample Preparation Station

It seamlessly integrates all necessary sample preparation systems into a single station, which includes Liqvap concentration system, Autoclean Gel Permeation Chromatography Clean-up system, and Sepline Solid-Phase Extraction system. This innovative station is designed to run automatically and continuously, greatly simplifies sample preparation processes, reduces human intervention and error, and increases productivity and efficiency.

Laboratory Equipment

AutoDigiBlock Sample Preparation

LabTech AutoDigiBlock sample preparation system combines the advantages of digiblock digestion with the automated functions by LabTech-developed software workstation. It is designed to relieve the analyst from druggery and monotonous repetition of routine tasks wihich happen in the digestion of a large quantity of samples and subsequent dilution/acid evaporation.

Rotary Evaporator

LabTech EV series Rrotary Evaporator introduce a new concept in routine distillation/evaporation process: safety, efficiency and durability to support lab user work! With an innovative and ergonomic design, EV series Rotary Evaporators include digital display to monitor and control rotation speed and temperature, motorized vertical lift, evaporation flasks up to 3 liters, on line sample adding trough PTFE valve and can be completed with LabTech vacuum and cooling systems to reach top efficiency of process.

Temperature Controllable Hotplate

The series of EH and EG temperature controllable, digital display hotplate is an electric heating product and specially designed for laboratory applications. It's a good assistant for heating digestion, evaporation and acid distillation, and fully satisfy the heating requirements of different laborotaries. Numerous models and types compose the whole hotplate family, offering the largest choice!

Water Chiller

LabTech's state-of-the-art water chillers ensure accurate and constant cooling conditions for instrumentation in the harsh environment of the laboratory. Combined with PID temperature control technique, the H series water recirculating chillers have better temperature control, greater energy efficiency, and increased compressor life time, without affecting power supply system and precise instruments. Thanks to professional design and excellent performance, H series water recirculating chillers become customer' first choice for cooling instruments and equipments.

Refrigerated/Heating Circulator

LabTech offers RH series Refrigerated/Heating Circulator to cater for the needs of the modern laboratory. All circulator models are of rugged construction and feature high accuracy, LCD display, alarming for maximum convenience and superior control. Precise heating is achieved by PID temperature control technique which monitors and controls the heating element.

Digiblock Digester

LabTech DigiBlock is effective for the digestion and evaporation of samples, which simplifies and speeds up your preparation and has shown positive results for applications requiring higher throughput and lower waste. It is the most ideal equipment for heating digestion in the fields of chemistry, environment, food, pharmacy and biochemistry fields.

Vacuum Pump

LabTech vacuum pump includes VP pump series and GM diaphragm pump series. They are totally oil free, mechanical vacuum pumps with features of advanced design, low noise level, high efficiency, and long lifespan. LabTech pumps are specially designed for laboratory operations to meet the highest expectations for precision, reliability, and ease of use.

Hotplate Magnetic Stirrer

The ES series hotplate magnetic sitrrers are designed to provide the user with a high quality, low cost heating/stirring system for routine applications.The low profile case construction is carefully designed to ensure that any spillage is prevented from affecting the performance of the unit.