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GS 1000

The GS 1000, the smallest member of the OBLF family, is a single matrix spark emission spectrometer for all standard applications. Thanks to its compact and solid construction as well as its simple operation, it is ideal for use in production environments like foundries, but also for the purpose of incoming goods and materials control.


Featuring cutting-edge detector technology on the basis of semiconductor detectors that were specially developed for emission spectroscopy, OBLF's VeOS spark emission spectrometer enables versatile, flexible and quick analysis of all common metallic materials.

QSN 750

Our QSN 750 model is a spark emission spectrometer that can be used as a single- or multi-matrix system thanks to its 750 mm vacuum optics. This results in a broad field of application, which not only covers the entire range of metal producing and processing enterprises, but also includes a large spectrum of options for material testers and testing institutes.

QSG 750

Our QSG 750 spark emission spectrometer can also be called OBLF's flagship model. This single- or multi-matrix model is ideal for all applications demanding the lowest possible detection limits, the highest degree of reproducibility and additional metallurgical information about the analyte.