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AutoDigiBlock Sample Preparation

High Effiiciency, Safety, Stability and Green
Technique Features
  • Fully anti-corrosion desgin
    • Fully PTFE opearation platform
    • Fully PFA liquid delivery systems
    • FKM sealing system
    • All parts which have the possiblity of exposure to acids are PTFE processed
  • Automated functions
    • Automated reagent adding
    • Automated vessel shaking
    • Automated vessel lifting up/down
    • Automated constant volume keeping
    • Automated acid exhausting
  • Unique mechanical design
    • Cross array of heating material plus PID control technique enables high uniformity of temperature = 1°C @ 150°C
    • Temperature stability ۪.1°C
    • Double module design ensures separate programming control
    • Automated shaking of digestion vessels
    • Controllable heating speed enables accurate control of digestion process
    • PP and PTFE vessels and racks are comes with the system as standard
    • Various clean, graduated digestion vessels no need pre-cleaning(PP, PTFE)
Automated Systems
  • Reagent adding system
    • High precision delivery pump ensure accurate acid adding
    • Min. acid adding volume reaches to 0.2ml
    • Up to 6 different reagent channels
    • PFA delivery tubes support all reagents
    • Self-clean function, clean times and amounts can be preset
    • Acid adding speed is adjustable
    • Natural pressure releasing device in waste acid drain system
  • Lift up/down system
    • Separate dual module design, the two modules can shake up independently
    • Optical coupler protection design enables accurate control of lifting height
    • Cooling time can be set freely
  • Digestion vessel shaking system
    • Separate dual module design, shaking of the two modules can be controlled independently
    • Various shaking modes: adding sample, digestion process, constant volume, cooling
    • Controllable shaking speed
    • Automatic reset after shaking
  • Constant volume system
    • Ultrasonic sensor ensures accurate volume control 10ml-50ml
    • Constant volume precision 1% for more than 10ml reagent
    • Standard curve calibration for ultrasonic sensor
  • Fume removal system
    • Material: Polycarbonate
    • Standard HEPA filtration system is safe and no contamination
    • Filter net can be easily replaced
    • Anticorrosion blower

LabTech AutoDigiBlock sample preparation system combines the advantages of digiblock digestion with the automated functions by LabTech-developed software workstation. It is designed to relieve the analyst from druggery and monotonous repetition of routine tasks wihich happen in the digestion of a large quantity of samples and subsequent dilution/acid evaporation. Instead of completing the whole digestion process, the analyst just need to weigh and add properly samples to the digestion vessels, and set the automated digestion procedure with workstation, press Start and done. AutoDigiBlock will automatically and accurately perform all the repetitive processes including reagent adding, shaking well, heating, lifting up, cooling down, and keeping volume constant etc. At the end of the run, samples are treated and ready for the further analysis.

  • Workstation
    • Real-time display the system running state
    • Customized program function
    • Emergency stop key ensures a safe operation
    • Automatic identify system state when switch on
    • Wireless remote control and video functions are available for option