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Vacuum Pump

Features of VP series vacuum pumps
  • Environmental friendly, oil-free pump
  • Low noise and vibration, which keep the operation quietly
  • The design of great starting moment is easy for starting and high in efficiency
  • Large vacuum volume, excellent performance in large filtration volume, high viscosity, and even matters with particulate
  • Surface and main parts with anticorrosive coating
  • Compact and light, with excellent performance
Features of GM series vacuum pump
  • Environmental friendly, no working medium (no oil) and no pollution
  • Low noise and vibration, which keep the operation quietly
  • New technologies and materials for smooth operation with ideal vacuum and high rate of air flow
  • Nitrile Rubber diaphragm, long operating life, resisting the corrosion
  • Be regulated by pressure to meet the requirements of vacuum or controllable steady air stream within certain range
  • Compact with excellent performance

LabTech vacuum pump includes VP pump series and GM diaphragm pump series. They are totally oil free, mechanical vacuum pumps with features of advanced design, low noise level, high efficiency, and long lifespan. LabTech pumps are specially designed for laboratory operations to meet the highest expectations for precision, reliability, and ease of use. They can be used in a multitude of application, such as vacuum filtration, degassing, impregnation, drying chambers, rotary evaporators, distillation, gel dryers, gas analytical systems and roughing of wide-range turbo molecular pumps.

  • VP Series
    • VP30
    • VP50

Technical Parameters
Type VP30 VP32 VP50
Voltage 110v
Power 80W 110w
Pumping speed 30L/min 50L/min
Vacuum Pressure -0.075Mpa -0.075/+0.2Mpa -0.085Mpa
Noise 58 db 50 dB
Weight 2.5kg 6.0kg
Dimensions (W x L x H) 110 x 270 x 180 mm 200 x 150 x 300 mm

  • GM Series
    • GM-0.2
    • GM-0.3II
    • GM-0.3III
Technical Parameters
Type GM-0.20 GM-0.33II GM-0.33III
Delivery (L/min) 15 20 20
Ultimate Vacuum(mbar abs.) 250 200 50
Pressure (Psi) 30 - -
Pump Head 1 1 2
Motor Power (W) 75 160
Dimensions (W x L x H)mm 195x98x156 215x120x235 300x120x235
Weight 4 Kg 7.5 Kg 10 Kg
Connectors Ψ 6
Diaphragm Valves NBR, NBR
    • GM-0.5
    • GM-0.5II
    • GM-1.0

Technical Parameters
Type GM-0.5 GM-0.5II GM-1.0
Delivery (L/min) 30 30 60
Ultimate Vacuum(mbar abs.) 200 50 200
Pressure (Psi) 40 - 40
Pump Head 1 2 2
Motor Power (W) 160
Dimensions (W x L x H)mm 210x160x235 300x120x235 300x160x235
Weight 8 Kg 10 Kg 10 Kg
Connectors Ψ 6
Diaphragm Valves NBR, NBR