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MultiVap Concentrator

Technique Features
  • Vortex nitrogen purge. In order to get the highest concentration efficiency, the location and direction of nitrogen purge can be adjusted according to the concentration cup volume and sample quantity.
  • Operation can be visibly observed through front window with backlit, and sample cups don't need to be taken out to check the residual volume
  • Sealed concentration chamber has a high efficient vapor exhausting system
  • Built-in nitrogen gas regulation system to control the nitrogen flow and evaporation speed
  • Automatically detecting the endpoint, being stable and reliable
  • 8 positions supporting 200ml & 50ml concentration cups simultaneously
  • 8 laser infrared laser sensors for individual volume control
  • The concentration cups can be placed on the liquid handler of GPC/SPE directly
  • Water bath heating with temperature control range from ambient to 99.9 °C
  • High liquid level alarm and high pressure alarm ensure convenient and safe operation
  • Touch screen control interface

LabTech is keeping on contributing to providing sample preparation solutions to all laboratories. Now a new MultiVap Automatic Parallel Concentrator is released by LabTech to customers. The new concentrator, MultiVap, combines all advantages of the concentration products in the market, and it has high quality/price ratio and meet requirements of organic laboratories.

Solvents Original Volume (ml) Time to1ml (min) Evaporation Speed
Dichloromethane 180 20 9.0 mL/min
Hexane 180 18 10.0 mL/min
Methanol 180 50 3.6 mL/min
Acetone 180 23 8.0 mL/min
Water bath temperature 60°C