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PrepElite Automatic Sample Preparation Station

Innovative, Automatic, Accurate, Efficient, Green
Technical Specification and Advantages
  • AutoClean Gel Permeation Chromatography Clean-up System
    • High precision double pistons tandem pumps
        - Analytical type: 0.001-10.000mL/min Max. Pressure: 42MPa
        - Semi-preparative type: 0.01-50.00mL/min Max. pressure: 20MPa
    • Two systems: cartridge and disc
    • Variable wavelength UV spectrophotometer: 190~600nm
    • Three-dimensional liquid processor with septum piercing capability
    • Highly efficient stainless steel gel permeation column
    • Fractionation according to time, peak, voltage, or pairwise combinations of the three
    • Ability to collect clean and reusable solvents
  • Liqvap Automatic Quantitative Concentration System
    • Fully-automatic sample injection, fixed-volume or fixed time concentration, solvent exchange, cleaning, and collection
    • Fast and yet gentle concentration ensured by the combination of vacuum, heating and nitrogen sparging
    • Innovative cylindrical heating and PID temperature control technique
    • Vortex nitrogen blow ensuring high efficiency of solvent evaporation and high recovery rate
    • Infrared laser volume sensor providing accurate volume control unaffected by sample color
    • Universal sample collection through GC/HPLC injection vials
  • Sepline Automatic Solid Phase Extraction(SPE) system
    • Positive pressure type
    • Continuously adjustable speeds of column conditioning, sample injection and elution
    • Automatic solid phase extraction for up to 120 samples at a time
    • Easy applications of different processing methods for different samples
    • Integration ready with other sample preparation systems, such as Sepline + Liqvap, and Sepline + Autoclean + Liqvap (other systems to be purchased separately)

After years of research in the field of sample preparation, LabTech now introduces an all-in-one sample preparation product: PrepElite Automatic Sample Preparation Station. It seamlessly integrates all necessary sample preparation systems into a single station, which includes Liqvap concentration system, Autoclean Gel Permeation Chromatography Clean-up system, and Sepline Solid-Phase Extraction system. This innovative station is designed to run automatically and continuously, greatly simplifies sample preparation processes, reduces human intervention and error, and increases productivity and efficiency.

The enclosed system design effectively reduces the exposure to organic solvents by its operator and is more environmental-friendly. The modular design allows for easy configuration and operation of any systems in series or independently.