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SepLine-S AutoSPE

  • Environment
  • Food and feed
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Life Science
  • Others
Technical Features
  • Precise Flowrate Control
    • High precision syringe
    • High precision quantitative tube ensures accurate control of sample and solvents
    • Flow accuracy: 0.1%
    • Flowrate:0-100mL/min
  • Completely Solve Solvent Mixture Problem
    • The plunger sealed directly at the top of the filler layer to prevent the solvent from mixing
    • Accurate Flow
    • Unique low pressure sealing tech avoid solvent volatilization
    • Insulation air embolism prevent mixture of sample and kinds of solvents
    • No solvents mixture
    • Enclosed design without extra consumables
    • Automatic cleaning, no cross contamination
  • Liquid Handler
    • Support both sample injection and collection
    • 3-dimensional motion modes
    • Support septum piercing function, can reduce sample volatile
    • Support orderly and random sampling loading process
    • Multi sizes collection vials and racks. The location and type of vial racks can be set freely
    • No interference for inadvertent touch
    • Support diagonal movement, much faster
    • All the sample vials and collection vials have threaded mouth to avoid solvent volatile
  • AutoSwitch of SPE Cartridges
    • Unique low pressure sealing tech for SPE cartridges avoid cross contamination
    • SPE cartridges are moved with sliders to the specified location, SPE step is achieved with the plunger modules
    • Minimum area to achieve the maximum and accurate SPE cartridges switch
    • Up to 60 SPE cartridges treatment
    • Support 1ml, 3ml,6ml cartridges
  • User Friendly Workstation
    • Graphical software interface for cleanup and fraction collection, control each component of SPE
    • Programmable control, automated process of column transfer, rinse, injection, dry, washing, elution etc
    • Multiple process for each step
    • Real time display
    • Batch process function including batch editing, insert, and modifying method
    • Log function
  • Extendable for GV, VS, GVS System
    • Can be integrated with LiqVap concentrator into SV system
    • Can be integrated into Clean GPC Cleanup sytem+ SepLine SPE+ LiqVap Concentration (GVS) for pre-concentration-GPC cleanup-Concentration-SPE

Solid-Phase Extraction(SPE) is a common technology widely used for sample preparation nowadays. SPE are commonly used by manual operation, in order to reduce the use of solvent and improve the accuracy and repeatability of analysis results, more and more laboratories are requiring automatic SPE systems. LabTech provides total 8 different SPE series to fully satisfy different application requests. LabTech, Inc. now introduces a new SepLine-S series automatic solid-phase extraction system which has high quality/price ratio and is suitable for various organic laboratories.

SepLine-S more compact and save space
SepLine-S max.60 position sample extraction
SepLine-S 1, 2, 4 channels for different option
SepLine-S Combined with AutoClean GPC Cleanup and LiqVap Concentration systems

Technique Parameters
SepLine SepLine-S
Sample position 124 60
Unit components 2 1
Channel 1,2,4 1,2,4
SPE column 1,3,6 ml 1,3,6 ml
Autosampler Yes Yes
Water bath temperature 60°C