OBLF Teledyne Labtech Falcon Teledyne Tekmar
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Hydra II AA

When Performance and Productivity Meet

  • Achieve Lower Reporting Limits
    • 1 ppt detection limit
  • Perform Fewer Dilutions
    • Dynamic Range from ppt to ppm
  • Analyze Difficult/Foamy Samples
    • 3rd generation gas/liquid separator
  • Satisfy QCs with Ease
    • Excellent long-term stability
  • Eliminate Sample Preparation
    • Direct Analysis Option
  • High Capacity Auto Sampler
    • 270 sample capacity
    • Large CCV & CCB reservoirs
    • Smart Rinse to minimize sample cycle
  • Advanced Contamination Control
    • Unique Over-Range Protection
    • Flow through rinse
    • Interchangeable sample introduction
  • Unparalleled Support
    • Built-in Maintenance schedule
    • On-line audio/visual help
    • Overnight service

Hydra IIAA Mercury Analyzer delivers both the performance needed to meet tightening regulatory demands and the productivity needed for laboratories to operate efficiently. Its part-per-trillion detection limits, exceptional stability and unique over-range protection easily satisfy the most stringent QCs. Its high capacity autosampler with extra large CCV/CCB containers permits long periods of unattended operation.