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Prodigy XP

A Simultaneous ICP with State-of-the-Art Array Detection
  • Speed and Sample
    • Get accurate results fast with simultaneous data acquisition and comprehensive wavelength coverage. Intelligent sample handling features such as fast uptake and early withdrawal keep sample transition times short.
  • Better Results
    • Measure lower concentrations more accurately, choose the best analytical wavelength, dilute samples less often and pass QC requirements easily. Prodigy XP offers excellent resolution, so spectral interferences are minimized.
  • Ease-of-use
    • Spend less time training and adjusting instrument parameters. Load the standards, QCs, and samples into the autosampler and let Prodigy XP do the rest
  • Versatility
    • Use the plasma orientation (Radial, Axial or Dual View) best suited to your analytical requirements. Measure trace and major sample constituents simultaneously with C-PAD's wide dynamic range (107, typically low ppb to percent).
  • Dependable
    • Avoid costly downtime with proven technology. The Prodigy XP is durable, dependable and ready to run when you are
  • Responsive
    • Look to experts in atomic spectroscopy to help you get the answers you need when you need them.
  • Composite Programmable Array Detector (C-PAD) with In-Pixel Processing
  • Ideal QA/QC System
  • Available in Radial, Axial and Dual View Configurations
  • 800 mm, low stray light optics
  • Image Stabilized Plasma
  • 170 - 900 nm Wavelength range
  • Application Specific Sample Introduction Systems
  • Built-in Scheduled Maintenance Monitor
  • 21CFR Part 11 Compliant

In today's environment, we are challenged to do more with less. For those in the laboratory, this translates to processing more samples with fewer analysts while spending less money on instrumentation, consumables and supplies. Often, when you compare analytical instruments, you find you must choose between performance and price; seldom finding one that offers both. Well now you can have both - The Prodigy XP from Teledyne Leeman Labs.

The Prodigy XP is designed to be affordable without sacrificing performance. With its large, high quality optics housed in rigid cast aluminum for high resolution, the Prodigy XP achieves superb sensitivity and unmatched stability. Its new solid-state array detector, the C-PAD (Composite Programmable Array Detector) offers wavelength coverage from 170-900 nm. With Prodigy XP you get timely and dependable support built upon 25 years of experience designing and building Echelle ICP spectrometers.