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Profile Plus

The Fastest Sequential ICP Available
  • On Peak Measurements
    • Unlike other sequential ICPs that depend on peak searches to locate the analyte wavelength, the Profile Plus ICP cannot be fooled into using nearby peaks from other elements that may be more intense than the analyte wavelength.

      For example, the scan at top shows two spectral interferences on either side of the analytical wavelength, both of which are more intense than the analyte peak. A peak search sequential ICP would erroneously use one of the spectral interferences as the analyte peak but Profile Plus does not.

      Another concern for sequential ICPs using peak search routines occurs when the analyte concentration is near the detection limit. In this case, the peak search routine is unable to find a peak, even when there are no spectral interferences present, and uses the default location which may not be on peak. Because Profile Plus uses On Peak Measurements the same wavelength is used regardless of spectral interferences and analyte concentration. Besides being more accurate and precise, On-Peak measurements are three times as fast since no time is wasted in searching for the peak
  • Sample Introduction
    • The Profile Plus ICP provides a high precision, computer controlled 4-channel peristaltic pump to deliver liquid sample to the plasma. Profile's operating software provides a quick rinse feature (high speed pumping during the rinse phase of the sample cycle) and standby mode (peristaltic pump cycles during inactivity) to extend tubing lifetime
  • RF Supply
    • The Profile and all other Teledyne Leeman Labs ICPs are equipped with water-cooled RF supplies. This design results in extremely long lived performance. The RF supply can deliver up to two kilovolts at 40.68MHz to excite even the most difficult sample matrices.
  • Options
    • The Profile Plus ICP offers a choice of sample introduction systems to match sample types and solvents. The autosampler has the capability to handle as many as 120 samples as well as multiple standards and quality control checks

The Profile Plus ICP spectrometer is the fastest sequential ICP available. With its unique optical design, peak searches are never needed during analysis so both accuracy and precision are greatly improved, especially in complex sample matrices. The Profile Plus ICP moves its detectors and slit plate directly to analyte peak and background locations, resulting in accurate measurements regardless of possible nearby spectral interferences in as little as two seconds per reading.