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Prodigy High Dispersion

A Simultaneous ICP with State-of-the-Art Array Detection
Extend your lab's capability with Prodigy's optional advanced analysis features
  • Operator-Selector Resolution provides better accuracy in complex matrices
  • Nebulizer Mass Flow Control
  • Halogen Analysis Capability
  • Time Resoloved Analysis
  • IQ, OQ, and PQ Package
All the technology and capability you'll need to get your work done
  • Composite Programmable Array Detector (C-PAD) with In-Pixel Processing
  • Ideal QA/QC System
  • Available in Radial, Axial and Dual View Configurations
  • 800 mm, low stray light optics
  • Image Stabilized Plasma
  • 170 - 900 nm Wavelength range
  • Application Specific Sample Introduction Systems
  • Built-in Scheduled Maintenance Monitor
  • 21CFR Part 11 Compliant

Prodigy brings together the latest in solid-state detector technology and Leeman Labs advanced high dispersion Echelle spectrometer to provide the most powerful ICP Spectrometer available today. Not only does Prodigy provide superb resolution, stability and detection limits for reliable results, it also provides a wide variety of optional features that are guaranteed to enhance the capabilities of your inorganic analysis lab.